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Mobile Communication Towers

Our Wireless Emergency Notification System offers seamless communication across your facility during critical situations, providing immediate audio/visual alerts and mass messaging capabilities to ensure the safety, security, and informed response of all occupants. In times of emergencies such as severe weather events, medical crises, acts of terrorism, and notably, fires, having a reliable notification system is paramount. Whether it's college campuses, schools, commercial plants, industrial complexes, residential communities, government facilities, or military bases, the need for effective communication with large groups is essential.


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By leveraging these features, SSM's Wireless Emergency Notification System provides a comprehensive solution for enhancing safety, communication, and emergency response capabilities on construction sites and other industrial environments.


The Mobile Communication Tower (MCT) towers are mobile and can be easily relocated throughout the site, ensuring optimal coverage wherever it's needed.


MCTs can be incrementally added to the site as work progresses, with the capability to accommodate up to 300 towers, providing extensive coverage as the project evolves.

Alert Capabilities

MCTs feature both visual and audible alerts, ensuring that emergency notifications are effectively communicated to all personnel on site.

Preprogrammed Messages

With 17 preprogrammed messages and the ability to add an additional 15 tailored messages to meet client needs, the system offers versatility in conveying specific instructions or alerts, including fire evacuation, lockdown procedures, and more.

Multilingual Support

Preprogrammed messages can be delivered in multiple languages, ensuring comprehension and compliance among diverse workforce demographics.

Repetition and Activation

Messages can be repeated up to 999 times if necessary and can be activated either manually via a pull pendant on the MCT or wirelessly through various alarm-triggering devices.

Live Voice Communication

The system enables live voice communication over PA speakers, allowing for real-time instructions or announcements to be broadcasted to on-site personnel.

Strobe Light Feature

MCTs are equipped with a strobe light (with ongoing research into upgraded versions) that can be activated during emergencies or specific events to enhance visibility and alertness.

Power Backup

While requiring temporary power, MCTs boast a 12-hour battery backup and can also be powered by solar energy, ensuring uninterrupted functionality even in challenging conditions.

Intercom Connectivity

Each MCT houses a two-way intercom system that provides a direct line of communication with the base station, facilitating swift and effective response coordination.

Wireless LED Message Boards

Wireless LED message boards can be strategically placed around the site to relay important information or directives, such as emergency evacuation instructions or general announcements.



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